How to get a personalised message emailed to your child from Father Christmas

For those who have young children and celebrate Christmas, this can be a magical time of year. I am having some serious thoughts on how much to spin this tale in our household. I absolutely want to create a magical atmosphere, filled with wonderment and fun. However, how would you handle it if your child asks Father Christmas for a gift that is not possible for you to get (too expensive or just impossible to find and buy – a real unicorn for example). Really… what do you do? Also does Father Christmas (FC) bring all the gifts or are some from him and some from mom and dad? Spam my comments section with your clever ideas. So far I have in my mind that her big gift (a new pink bicycle) will be from FC and the other few things and stocking fillers will be from parents. The rest I guess I will figure out as we go along (with your help I’m hoping).

Our 5month old is getting a year of crèche fees, some love, all her food and a roof over her head for Christmas this year… because let’s face it, she is a baby and will probably sleep through most of it. I know I know … what kind of mom am I?! As far as 2019 Christmas goes I like to refer to her as our easy kid … which really isn’t fair but since I am the real FC I get to make these huge life decisions.

Anyway, back to how to assist your child to buy into the FC lie (which I’m all for by the way). There is this lovely website where you can make a video for your child (also for your spouse FYI… and those are pretty hilarious). It is super cute and you can personalise various video’s and email them to yourself. After my daughter wrote (well drew) her Christmas list I told her I sent it to FC and then the next day I said he had replied and showed her the video I had made. To say she lit up is an understatement… she can’t stop telling all her friends and just feels so special the FC sent her a video message.

I hope your kids enjoy it as much as my daughter did. Ho ho ho.

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