Happy Mother’s Day

Lockdown has meant that interaction with extended family has been limited to video calls and various other electronic forms of communication. This may be the norm for some but not for others.

I must admit that our children are very used to video calls with their grandparents even though we all live fairly close to one another. With relatively young grandparents most of them still work and are fairly active socially etc so we maybe see them on average every second weekend or so. Therefore, this aspect of lockdown has been a strain but not as emotionally impactful as it has been for some families.

Mother’s Day is coming up and with no one being allowed to visit each other and limited trips to the shops we thought we would try for some meaningful homemade gifts. Yes, I know that online shops are delivering beautiful, thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts – I am also very pro supporting businesses in this time of economic strain. However, I always mean to make a homemade gift or two for these sorts of occasions and rarely find the time… so this year I thought what better way to show our love (and keep our kids busy).  

For this to work you need to live fairly close to grandparents. Also, forgive me (I usually don’t break rules) but there is a little bit of venturing into the grey area, rule-wise, for this. We thought we would make homemade gifts and then drop them off in the driveways of our mothers/grannies and let them know they are waiting there to be collected (so technically no contact).

As a part of our gift we have sent a hug from Ella. Basically I traced her outline on a large piece of flip chart paper (well two pieces to be exact)… here a roll of paper would be first prize but if you don’t have any large paper then newspaper would also look great (especially if you used paint instead of crayons). After we traced her outline she did the rest. She drew the details into her face and got busy colouring in and drawing a t-shirt on her body. She then asked for stickers which she used to outline some of the one picture. This is a slight throw-back to an activity I did with her last year where you use stickers to cover a drawn line (see picture below).  Not only will this be a beautiful gesture from grandchild to granny but it also promotes so many skills such as body image awareness (and drawing), fine motor development, awareness of symmetry and so much more.

The rest of our gift is going to be a home baked loaf of sourdough bread. My husband made a sourdough starter at the beginning of lockdown and now bakes 1-2 loaves of bread a day (delicious but not ideal for my ever expanding hips and thighs). I have made bread bags out of material to “wrap” the loaves in and viola… love in a physical form, ready to be home delivered for Mother’s Day.

I really hope they will love them and feel the love we are sending with these packages.

Wishing you and your mother’s/grannies a wonderful Sunday filled with love.

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