Meet Sara

After toying with the idea of starting a blog for many years, here I (finally) am. My hesitation came from feelings of fear (putting yourself out there on the internet is a vulnerable and scary thing), market saturations (another mommy blogger – sigh) and consistency (some –ok me- may call it fear of commitment… but having to produce content on a semi-regular basis). Overcoming these (a process that took a very long time) went something like this. Fear; birthing my two beautiful girls (whopping babies, both at 3.9kg’s, naturally and without any pain medication) taught me that many of my fears were relatively insignificant. I have also started really knowing (in my soul) that living a life with fear is going to lead me to a LOT of regret later (which I would really like to avoid). Market saturation; some lovely friends I respect greatly started telling me they would really love to see me start a blog (all kind of at the same time-which was interesting). I also listened to a podcast where the guest, Marie Forleo, said something to the effect of: if market saturation is the thing that is stopping you from pursuing something don’t let it… someone out there needs to hear what you have to say, when and how you say it. Consistency; well I have decided to take each day as it comes and see how far I go. Then there is also the allure of having a fun hobby, where I can share my love of creativity, cooking and children with anyone who might appreciate it.

My aim is to create a space for ideas and fun, as well as sharing some of the hard parts of parenting (so you don’t feel alone out there on the days you have crying children, spaghetti in your hair, mud all over the house and you are praying for bedtime). There is no judgement here… only some ideas that will hopefully spark something to someone and make your day a little happier or easier. As we all evolve and change daily, there may be comments and ideas I write about today that may not ring true for me tomorrow… so expect some contradiction – we are all fabulously flawed.

There is also nothing new under the sun. I am not here to just copy or repost ideas but to share what I have found, made, tried etc. My inspiration comes from my two gorgeous daughters, my pretty cool hubby, precious friends, lots of perusing the internet and social media (although I often don’t remember where I see certain things, if and when I do I will always credit the source) and almost 15years of being a primary school teacher.

My passions are: children, making sense of mom life, my precious family, having fun, great food, healthy living, outdoor adventures, creativity, self-exploration, fabulous coffee, cherished friends and the environment … so I guess there will be a mix of those things in my writing (with a slight spotlight on all things child centred).

Please interact with me via my blog and social media pages as much or as little as you would like. Share the ideas you find here with your own tribe… let me know what worked/didn’t worked or how you improved or adapted what you found here. Tag me, share me and follow me on what I hope will be a fun-filled adventure.